Remember during a debate Obama laughed at Romney for saying Russia was our greatest threat? Like always, wrong!

I think a great reality show could be watching the people who work in the fake news that are about to lose their minds over Trump. Now that would be, “Huge”.

I was in the process of filling out the application for Restore La. assistance program and I came across this requirement, it states: once a survey respondent has moved to the application phase, he/she is required to either STOP CONSTRUCTION WORK or RISK ELIGIBILITY FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF WORK COMPLETED WHILE THE APPLICANT GOES THROUGH THE PROGRAM ENVIRONMENTAL CLEARANCE. If you have provided answers that incorrectly move you forward to application, you may not be eligible for reimbursement of completed work. So now in order to see if you qualify you have to stop work on your house. What government idiot came up with this idea. If by some luck you do qualify they will subtract the amount of any SBA loan you may have. I would gladly give back my loan if I could get money from this grant but you can’t do that. Seems to me the government doesn’t want to release any of the grant money. Then if you are a hard working taxpayer and make above average salary chances are you will not receive any money anyway, another way the government gives only to the lazy nonproductive citizens. Thanks for nothing Gov. Edwards, rant over.

Major Obamacare insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield won’t turn a profit in 2017. Insurance companies lost big with Obamacare. Get ready for the Democrats utopia. Socialized medicine.

“Dying to be a Martyr.” That’s the name of a lesson plan offered to students and teachers at no cost by the Public Broadcasting Service, a taxpayer-funded nonprofit, and some of the material seems to encourage students to learn to sympathize with radical Islamic terrorists. I know many propagandists, I mean teachers, who are gonna love this.

The caller stated “Obama did his best at keeping our nation stagnate and doubling our national debt.” The fact is that President Bush, the first president ever to lose private sector jobs, inherited a large budget surplus and a $5.8 trillion national debt. On Bush’s last day in office our debt was $12.8 trillion, a rise of 110 percent - exceeded only by Ronald Reagan, who increased it by 186 percent! When President Obama left office the debt was $19 trillion, a rise of about 64 percent, while creating 14 million jobs. It is not the size of the debt but its ratio to the GDP. A person who makes 20K a year with a 20K debt is heavily burdened with debt, while a millionaire with a 20K debt feels nothing. Unfortunately, the folks left behind in our recovery are primarily poorly educated white males. Facts are facts, and dishonesty is dishonesty.

Drug overdoses are being looked over in Livingston Parish. Why doesn’t the Sheriff’s Office go after the big dealers? If they raid an apartment full of drugs, shouldn’t they investigate who the apartment is being rented to ? Nope. They’re on the streets dealing heroine, still killing people. Overdoses need to be investigated more.

Does your employer expect you to show up to work on time? If so, he or she might be racist. That is, according to the “inclusion awareness course” at South Carolina’s Clemson University. Well duh, if the boss is white what else could it be? Man I can’t believe they actually did a study on this.

Council on Aging comment in last week’s paper is so wrong. I am an employee and I can tell you that not one employee is happy. This is just another attempt to sweep the trash under the rug. It’s such a shame the way this agency is being run and it’s a shame that the director and her sidekick are getting away with everything . Council on Aging could be a wonderful agency if it was being ran by someone that has some education. Signed. An unhappy employee.

After only a few months, and watching how strong the Trump administration is. It’s clear how Obama will be remembered. “Americans first Snow Flake in chief”.

Will NEVER vote for a tax that primarily helps Livingston . If Livingston Recreation wants more money, let them get it from within the city limits. I can see no reason the rest of the parish should not get an equal cut of taxes the whole parish pays.

Donald Trump stated this week - “I did what was an almost an impossible thing to do for a Republican-easily won the Electoral College!” Sadly, as usual, Donald did not tell the truth. There have been 19 Republican presidents, with 16 having more Electoral College votes than Donald Trump! “The LORD detests lying lips, but he delights in people who are trustworthy.” Psalms 12:22. Donald Trump should stop telling lies, especially on Easter Sunday!

I refuse to shop at Sams donuts in Walker due to all the huge pot holes in his parking lot. I have asked them many times to fix the pot holes, all to no avail. Having multiple one-foot deep pot holes in your parking lot is just crazy and I am not going to damage my car just to get donuts. I guess I will just have to keep driving past your location and keep buying my weekend donuts at Mary Lee’s.

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