DENHAM SPRINGS – Fitness has not been a priority for many in Livingston Parish since August’s floodwaters, but the Spectrum Fitness Club has a message.

They’re here. They’re open. And they’re ready for you.

 “As people get their homes repaired, they will be looking to get back into their exercise routine,” said Jackson Slaid, branch manager of the Spectrum Fitness Club, 145 Aspen Square, Denham Springs.

To remind the community what they have to offer, Spectrum is having a three-day open house Friday through Sunday, April 21-23, he said.

“Anyone can visit, work out, try our classes,” Slaid said. There is no fee.

On Saturday, a seminar is scheduled to explain the types of exercises that best fit a person’s fitness goals, he said.

Vendors also will be present, along with music and food, so a family can “make a big day of it,” Slaid said.

The Denham Springs location got 4½ feet of water during the Great Flood of 2016, but visitors will find a new club, according to the manager.

“Everything has been redone. We started from square one with new equipment. The facility is brand new,” Slaid said.

The fitness center includes a women’s area, offers child care, a medical wellness program and rehabilitation programs.

“People can be intimidated by a (fitness) center, by the environment,” the manager said.

Spectrum offers an orientation to the facility, its pool and the equipment, with individual instruction and group classes.

 “We have a different lifestyle now than we had 30 years ago,” according to Bill Gvoich, director of the medical wellness programs for Spectrum’s four facilities.

“Medical wellness does not mean we are doctors,” he said. “Exercise is like medicine.”

Medical wellness addresses issues ranging from lowering blood pressure, rehabilitation after surgery and improving range of motion to the oldest fitness complaint – losing weight.

Eighty percent of obesity is lifestyle related, Gvoich said, and Louisiana is No. 1 in obesity rates.

“We overeat and are not active enough,” he said. “Lose weight, exercise, watch what we eat applies to us all.”

Two weeks after being given a physical therapy order by a doctor, 90 percent of people don’t follow though, he said.

The result: Their condition goes back to what it was before, he said. “What you don’t use, you lose. If you don’t use your body, you lose.”  

Gvoich added, “We provide programs based on your needs. The focus is family fitness.”

“We want to let people know we are open and they can enjoy a brand-new facility,” said Slaid, the branch manager.

When someone decides it’s time to begin or resume exercise, “We will be here when they are ready,” Slaid said.


Kevin Fambrough is a reporter at the Livingston Parish News. He can be reached at You can follow him on Twitter at @fambroughkevin.

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