WALKER – Stress has been the common specter since August’s flood, but one Walker business hopes offering a good night’s sleep will drive it away.

Olinde’s Mattress Distributors, 28195 Walker South, recently held its grand re-opening.

“It’s wonderful,” said Jean Sandiford, store manager, about being back for its customers.

“I remember they opened before the flood,” said Mayor Jimmy Watson, who attended the re-opening to welcome Olinde’s back.

The store opened two weeks after the flood – with concrete floors and sheetrock walls -- because they knew people needed bedding, Sandiford said.

Since that time, the store has completed repairs and expanded its offerings to prepare for the official re-opening.

“Now it’s time,” Sandiford added.

A total of 38 mattresses are on display, with more than 100 pieces in stock, she said. Every Friday, a truck makes a delivery direct from the manufacturer.

The store will have more bedroom furniture than before and will have “special sales to help people get back to their normal lives,” Sandiford said.

 “It is a nice calm place to come and experience buying a bed. You’re making a big decision in your life,” Sandiford said.

“Here at Olinde’s, we’re fitting the right mattress to the person. When people look for a mattress, we want to offer one that will fit their pocketbook but will give them the best sleep.

“Everybody has got a different need for a mattress; it’s a very personal thing,” Sandiford said. “We like to help the customer understand what they are buying and why it will affect them for the rest of their life.”

Olinde’s offers a wide price range and comfort styles, she said. “We have something for everyone.”

The mayor said Olinde’s return is another positive side for the business corridor on Walker South Road from the interstate to U.S. 190.

Four businesses won’t be coming back in the that corridor, Watson said, but two businesses already are lined up as replacements.

Little Caesar’s has taken over the Papa Murphy location, while a replacement for Quizno’s is near, he said.

“We’re ahead of the game,” the mayor said. “We’re rebounding. We’re very fortunate here in Walker.”


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