LIVINGSTON – A Denham Springs who was convicted last month of second-degree murder for a 2016 homicide will spend the rest of his life in prison.  

Brian Allen, 25, was sentenced to life in prison without the benefit of probation, parole, or suspension of sentence for the second degree murder of Derrick Stewart and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

A unanimous jury found Allen guilty of the 2016 murder of Stewart. During the three-day trial Assistant District Attorney Greg Murphy explained to members of the jury the events that led up to the shooting and called numerous witnesses to the stand to testify.

The state presented to the jury over 60 pieces of evidence proving that Allen committed the homicide. Among the evidence presented was a home surveillance video that caught the murder on video. The video showed Stewart attempting to leave the area in his vehicle when the vehicle

Allen was operating blocked the roadway. Stewart backed his vehicle down the street in an attempt to get away but Allen’s vehicle proceeded to follow Stewart. Allen was seen on the surveillance video shooting at Stewart’s vehicle once Allen exited his car.

Allen was later arrested and transported to the Livingston Parish Detention Center where he was properly booked.

While Allen was in custody, he made multiple phone calls from LPDC in reference to his alibi, wiping his finger prints off of the gun used to commit the murder, and hiding the gun. All phone calls were recorded on the phone system at the jail, placed into evidence, and heard by the jury.

Allen was sentenced March 27, one day before the one year anniversary of Stewart’s death.

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