DENHAM SPRINGS – Clegg’s Nursery held its grand reopening on Friday, March 10, but the family-run business has added a few items that may keep customers shopping longer.

“We’re welcoming our customers back,” said Tom Fennell, one of the owners of Clegg’s Nursery. “We’re excited to see to customers after the flood.”

Their product mix will be changing daily, Fennell said, based on what customers ask for.

“Flowers are our bread and butter,” Fennell said, but a recent addition will expand Clegg’s services to its customers. 

Clegg’s has partnered with Johnny Naylor, who lost Naylor’s Hardware and Garden Center at 14441 Old Hammond Highway, to the Great Flood of 2016, and will be offering his line of vegetable and garden seeds.

“And we’ve got Johnny Naylor as our consultant,” he said.

Fennell said Clegg’s also added eight Naylor employees, including two managers, to its lineup.

The partnership also brings Naylor’s True Value license to Clegg’s Nursery.

Joining True Value will help Clegg’s Nursery become “big in hardware,” Fennell said. “We want to become the one-stop shop for our customers.”

As he walked down a hardware aisle, Fennell pointed out long-handle tools, spray paint, PVC pipe joints, nuts, bolts and screws.

“I didn’t know there were so many,” screws, he said.

“True Value has been a tremendous help, with their project manager and merchandiser helping us with the set-ups,” he said.

“It’s mind-boggling how much product we’ve added.”

Clegg’s Nursery on La. 16 got 2 to 2½ feet of water in August, with about 4½ feet of water in the back area, Fennell said.

Their Greenwell Springs store was hit just as hard, he added, with

more than 3 feet of water in the building.

“We got in, got it cleaned up and we’re back running,” Fennell said.

Part of the grand reopening was a Clegg’s Nursery “bucket list” contest: Customers could buy a 5-gallon bucket for $1 and enter their name in a drawing. The winner would get 20 percent off all items they could fit in their bucket.

 “We’re getting our customers back,’ Fennell said, “Every day is a little better. We had a lot of good help.”

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