FRENCH SETTLEMENT – One teen was hospitalized and six others suffered scrapes and bruises after an ATV flipped in an accident Friday.

“Only one kid was hurt bad enough to be in the hospital,” French Settlement High baseball coach Jaime Gautreau said.

That hospitalized student is a sophomore on his baseball team, he said. He did not identify him.

Gautreau said he talked to the father of his player Saturday and the student had no broken bones or life-threatening injuries.

The student suffered a 1-inch wide by 2-inch hole in his shoulder, along with scrapes and a gash on his face, the coach said, and will miss the rest of the season.

The mishap on Lena Lane involved a 6-seat Polaris Ranger ATV and a single-seat ATV.

Gautreau said the information he received was that the Ranger tried to pass the other ATV and in moving to the left, clipped it.

The Ranger went into a ditch and the driver overcorrected and the Ranger flipped on its side and slid on the road.

His baseball player, who was a passenger in the right rear, “took the brunt” of the impact, he said.  

“I heard there were parents there, so they weren’t unsupervised,” Gautreau said.

“I’ve heard conflicting things,” about the incident, the coach said, but it appeared the two ATVs were not being careless.

“My phone blew up,” he said.

 Gautreau said he attended Saturday’s softball playoff game between French Settlement and Oakdale and saw some of the students involved in the mishap.

“I saw two boys at the softball game with no bandages but I saw two girls who had bandages on,” he said. The Lions lost to Oakdale 3-2 in nine innings.


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