After the reopening of Movie Tavern at Juban Crossing, Vice President of Marketing Danny DiGiacomo racked his brain for an appropriate promotional event to get the word out.

It didn’t take DiGiacomo long to settle on the perfect one.

Movie Tavern will kick off its “Guardians of Livingston Parish Appreciation Week” on Friday at the Juban Crossing location, where Livingston Parish-based first responders can see the movie of their choice for $1.

The appreciation week lasts until Friday, May 12, and first responders must provide a valid employer-issued commissioned ID at the ticket office to receive their discounted ticket, which normally runs at $10.25 for adults.

“We thought what a great way to reintroduce the theater by thanking all of those first responders who were so vital in not only helping us get back on our feet, but the entire community,” DiGiacomo said.

The cinema-eatery, one of three Movie Taverns in Louisiana and 23 nationwide, opened in March of last year but was immediately shut down following the Great Flood of 2016 in August.

Much of the theater’s interior, including the movie equipment and seats, had to be either repaired or replaced before it reopened eight months later on April 13. An official ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on sight a week later.

After the reopening, DiGiacomo hoped to do something that would benefit the first responders who aided the theater during the most difficult time of its brief existence in Denham. He eventually settled on “Guardians of Livingston Parish Appreciation Week.”

“It amazed me that we were able to recover like that,” DiGiacomo said. “So much went into it, not only with the vendors that we work with, but also the first responders. They were so integral in getting us back up and running. ”

DiGiacomo said Movie Tavern has worked with both the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Chamber of Commerce to get the word out to first responders on this fun option Movie Tavern is offering.

“It was a true act of kindness on their part to help us, and we’d love for them to come advantage of this opportunity,” DiGiacomo said.

Movie Tavern is located at 9998 Crossing Way Suite 700 in the Juban Crossing shopping center, located alongside Interstate 12 between Denham Springs and Walker.

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