Six-year-old Tristan Coates arrived to the tie-dye class a few minutes early and immediately got to work on his tote bag.

Seated at one of the newspaper-covered tables, Coates used a marker to sketch two of his favorites symbols — the Superman and Batman symbols — on each side of the bag.

When the class got started at 2 p.m., Coates was already focused, drawing and coloring away. Once finishing his drawings, he dropped some pre-mixed dye over the superhero replicas and then used a blow dryer to help it dry.

Coates and his mother left the class a few minutes later, but rather than walking out of the room empty handed, he instead walked out holding a new, personally-designed tote bag.

But Coates wasn’t the only kid who walked out with something.

Children ages 5-11 visited the Denham Springs-Walker Library to design tote bags or their own other clothing during a “DIY Tie-Dye” class, run by children’s librarian Jonathan Post on Thursday, July 6.

For a little more than an hour, 15 children — not including one sleeping infant — used markers and tie-dye mix of various colors to decorate tote bags, old t-shirts and other washable fabrics.

Children had the option of making a spiral tie-dye design, a target tie-dye design or a striped tie-dye design, but all used the same pre-mixed tie-dye that consisted of one tablespoon of vinegar, one cup of water and one packet of Kool-Aid mix.

Post showed a brief powerpoint at the start to explain the tie-dye process, but he spent the rest of the class bouncing from table to table, either giving children a glass of the unused Kool-Aid or a drop of tie dye on their fabric.

He only had one rule for the children sitting in the library’s brand new meeting room.

“Whatever you do, avoid the floor at all costs,” Post said.

There are two more opportunities for children ages 5-11 to take part in the Livingston Parish Library System’s “DIY Tie Dye” class. The Watson Library will hold the next class at 5:30 p.m. July 15, and the Albany-Springfield Library will host one at 2 p.m. July 26.

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