On Thursday, Dec. 8, Maurepas School will host its 12th French Café from 5-8 p.m.

The purpose of this charity event is to collect funds to buy Christmas presents for children of less fortunate families in the Maurepas community.

In 2005, the 5th grade students initiated the first French Café (the Wolves Café) of the Maurepas School during the Literacy Night.

They arranged 16 student desks into four tables for customers. They were located in the “basement” and collected $177.85.

Right away it became a tradition.

Since then, during Literacy Night or Math Night, 5th graders have opened and hosted their café.

This tradition has grown bigger every year.

In 2007, they moved the café to the school cafeteria to have more room for customers.

The French Café grew so fast that more people volunteered to help.

Beta Club students, faculty and staff started to donate supplies and volunteer their time to the café.

In 2014, the café was so popular that it had to host its own night.

Now, they host the café in the main building, and it occupies the whole first floor.

Customers sit in the auditorium, and the “kitchen” is in the basement.

They have also added a program and activity booths on the second floor.

Today, the French Café is so big the whole school participates in the event, taking part in the program, creating ornaments and pieces of art for sale during the night, helping with the organization, working at the event, etc.

Last year, they raised $5,061.48, and they were able to provide presents to 50 children.

The existence of this traditional French Café is not possible without the support of everyone, parents, students, community members, friends of the school, faculty and staff members who donate and volunteer every year.

All money raised under the French Café program will go for this very good cause.

This year, they hope to make the café bigger than ever, so they invite you to enjoy the food, the Christmas program and the booths.

Two new booths, “Santa’s Little Workshop” and “Cake Walk,” are opening this year, along with “Raffle for a Gift Basket,” “Picture with Santa,” “Silent Auction,” and “An Ornament for a Donation.”

They hope that you will be there and enjoy your night at Le Café du Loup Blanc.

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